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    LaughingAsians.com: "Ticklish Birthday Boy" (Sexually Graphic) MMM/M

    It's Jake's 20th birthday and his 3 best buddies have invited him over to celebrate. As playful gay Asian boys will be, they decide the traditional birthday spanking is in order. But Jake is resistant so the boys gang up on him and pin him down on the sofa and lower his pants to expose his cute smooth bubble butt. They take turns issuing the ass spanking as the others hold his struggling body down on the sofa. Michael is restraining his legs and feet and decides he likes Jake's shoes. So he teasingly strips off his shoes, then socks and notices how soft and smooth his soles are. He says, "Wow, you have nice feet! Are they ticklish?" and instantly the hazing turns from spanking to an all-out tickle fight! The boys hold him down while they each take turns tickling his feet making Jake howl with ticklish laughter. Well it turns into a frenzy and they strip him naked to tickle ever inch of his body. Then they put the wrist cuffs on him and take him under the staircase and tie his arms up high and tickle him standing up. Michael starts to suck his cock and makes him hard as a rock while they each take a turn tickling him then sucking him hard. Finally, while Jeff is sucking his cock, Jake can't hold it any longer and blows his load in Jeff's mouth, pulls out and finishes spurting his cum like a fountain, and dripping down to the floor.

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    wonderful !

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    May 2008
    Nice! Love to see some more tight bondage, foot tickling and nibbling, followed by slow forced milking!!!

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