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    Arrow ◄ Anchor Woman 1: Part 6 - Birth Of A Star ► Paris Sativa


    Buy Now

    Anchor Woman 1: Starring Paris Sativa @parisdbl , Shelly Dare & James Darke with cameo appearances by Eden Alexander & Sasha Foxxx

    In part 6, we go behind the prime-time scene to see the rise of a discouraged reporter (Paris) from the sidelines to the anchor desk, feeling the depths of her hopelessness and sharing in the joy of her elevation - only to see her face the on-air antics of that dam IT guy under the News Anchor Desk. The incessant, nerve wracking, on-air foot tickling really takes the new news anchor off of her game and puts her new-found success in true jeopardy - but what do you care? Her feet are hot and tastily ticklish. Pricing is reduced to give much of the story for free!

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    Very Cute Feet!!!
    Keep Tickling

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    I absolutely love Paris! That Valentine's promo clip of her is to die for! And this production looks better than most of my real life local news stations! Really cool stuff!

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    Really nice clip,for I also noticed a photographic appearance by Twisted Furries' The Tickle Monster,too,for it'll be interesting to see what happens in the next episode. And Paris is also becoming more of a fetish superstar with each new clip(of hers).

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    The News

    The News: As read by Paris Sativa

    In Orlando, Florida – there was a great disturbance at the Female Lawyers of America (known as FemLawRica) conference today. As they broke their meetings for lunch, a black masked flash mob of sadistic ticklers pounced on the hot looking jurists, taking them totally by surprise, forcing unplanned screams and laughter and very inappropriate & highly unprofessional bodily movements.

    From the stoic to the bubbly, female lawyers could be seen thrashing and writhing in gyrating and writhing tickle spasms. Rather than coming to their aid, the male attendees were busy either recording the fetish action on their long and hard smartphones or they were unconsciously rubbing their crotch as if trying to free a rigid genie.

    Some of the more senior female attorneys made valiant efforts to try to maintain a dignified demeanor. But their failures were only further amplified with even louder bellows of stomach sourced laughter, publicly exposing their secret weakness.
    The more they tried to resist giving in to the overwhelming force of the ticklish loss of control, the redder their faces grew.

    One member of the press who happened to be there at the time reported that high heels could be seen flying off of feet and into the air as if escaping banshee attack. He kept hearing screams of “not the feet” and “get out of my toes”.

    He commented that his most awkward and embarrassing moment was when he heard an industry leading, trail blazing female attorney yell “don’t tickle my bum hole” as she did a most unprofessional and evasive dance, in a vain attempt to escape her tickler, who seemed highly motivated and intent on digitizing her with his rigid index finger. “The moment peaked when she locked eyes with me. In that moment, I knew that in her heart, she was asking me to please forget ever seeing this. Still, for some twisted reason, I found myself transfixed on her, stuck watching every lurid moment of her publicly private and horridly ticklish ordeal, as she was forced to do the vainly evasive dance of the bum tickled victim” he said.

    And like the sci-fi rain on Avador, the flash mob disbanded and disappeared.

    Grief counselors were brought in to help the lawyers regain perspective and self-esteem and try to reassemble their lives.

    Dr. Jane Hatefellow of the famed Bradshaw and Fu Institute had this to say about the incident;
    Clearly, clearly, this was a societal breakdown. Even in the most fetish perverted and twisted mind, such aberrant behavior is not countenanced.

    No well person says “yeah, let’s do that kind of thing”. It’s not done. I mean, it’s just not done. But that whole flash mod thing, now that’s the really dangerous part of the incident. It’s a short (and I mean, very short) skip and a jump between tickling and murder you know? It’s been proven to be true!

    So, we’ve got to find these dastardly tickle terrorists and publicly deliver swift justice for these fine women who were tickle victimized by these low-life bottom feeders. Who tickles? I mean that’s just so wrong. It’s downright un-American!

    In other news, in Orlando, Florida, a convicted serial tickler was consulted to try and identify the members of the black mask flash mob by their movements and techniques. He agreed to consult on the case, but would only do so if he could have a copy of every angle of video footage captured of the event, and would need to review them in a private hotel room for a day. He said he also needed lube or the deal was off.

    Back with more news after these messages.

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    shoe on tickling, love it, very nice!

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    Jan 2002
    Yes I agree Stevieb Shoe on tickling is the way to go and to quote a famous tickler (JohnJo) Open access heels!

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    This clip just added to our streaming video membership site at http://ticklishgirls.c4slive.com.

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